kilowatt hour


The average home in Alberta uses roughly 7,200 kilowatt hours of energy per year. For those of us who aren’t electricians, a kilowatt hour may be quite difficult for us to understand, let alone visualize.

Imagine a softball in your hand. Imagine that same softball is a lump of coal (or alternatively, biochar).

Now imagine your living room full of 7,200 softball size lumps of coal. That is the equivalent of energy that it takes to run your home during the course of the year.

With only a few small changes, it is easy to reduce that hypothetical pile in your living room:

  • Switching your home lights to LEDs This change can save up to 90% of your lighting bill and bulbs can last up to 10 years!
  • Cleaning your furnace filter monthly Put a notification on your phone to remind you
  • Try not to keep your refrigerator open for very long Each time it is opened about 30% of the cooled air can escape!

Let’s go back to your living room full with your yearly household energy usage- by being a little more conscious of our energy usage and making a few small changes to our daily routine, that living room can slowly empty out.

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