Biochar has shown strong potential as an organic growth medium for the growing cannabis sector. The porous structure of biochar allows for the cultivation of beneficial bacteria, fungi, and various microorganisms that help support plant growth. Unlike some other growth mediums, biochar has the added benefit of being organically produced in a local, sustainable fashion. These attributes make biochar a great option for cannabis. In fact, Adam Drury, a writer for Benzinga Cannabis, in one of his most recent articles lists a biochar blended soil as being one of the top 5 soil mixes for growing cannabis.

Here at IRSI, we have just received certification by OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) to sell our biochar as an organic soil amendment. Initially we will be selling raw biochar for people that want to create their own soil blends, and we have future plans to produce a biochar soil mix for people that want a ready to plant solution.