Sustainable Resource Management Through Innovative Technological Solutions

IRSI is at the forefront of biomass waste reduction and high quality biochar production

Are you looking to improve your bottom line, effectively manage your waste biomass, improve your carbon foot print, and help shift the global paradigm towards a more sustainable future? Then the Ulysses Slow Pyrolysis System is for you!

Creating economic opportunity with the biomass to biochar value chain

A New Vision

IRSI can effectively utilize residual biomass streams to produce a high quality, consistent biochar product with the Ulysses Slow Pyrolysis System

Cost Savings Solutions

The biomass to biochar value chain is an opportunity to reduce the economic and environmental costs of residual biomass, while producing an innovative product for a variety of markets

A Better Environment

Mitigating wasteful greenhouse gas emissions, improving the resiliency of soils, increasing quality food production, and supporting agricultural innovation

The Ulysses Slow Pyrolysis System: Transforming Biomass to Opportunity