Biochar Production Video

The Ulysses slow pyrolysis system has begun to produce biochar in Drayton Valley, Alberta. The optimization of the Ulysses system is still being fine tuned, but the first batch of biochar produce through the continuous feed slow pyrolysis system to be sampled and tested has been verified to be high quality biochar. IRSI’s biochar has been identified as class 1 material under the International Biochar Initiative guidelines. Thank you to the work done by InnoTech Alberta. IRSI will be taking the findings from InnoTech’s report and moving forward with further optimization of the Ulysses Slow Pyrolysis System.

The middle of February 2017 will see IRSI working with the National Resources Canada for three days completing trial campaigns on bailed forestry debris from a vendor located in Drayton Valley. The goal of these trial runs will be to demonstrate the mass reduction of forestry debris through the Ulysses system as well as testing to verify the classification of the biochar material produced. IRSI is excited to see the results and believes that this could translate into a fruitful relationship for all parties involved.