The Ulysses Slow Pyrolysis System

The Burning Issue

Waste biomass from a variety of industries is not being managed correctly, resulting in lost economic and environmental opportunities.

The Choice

IRSI is presenting an option to those that want to tap into the value of residual biomass and unlock the potential of biochar.

Innovative or Ignore

Through the Ulysses Slow Pyrolysis System access the biomass to biochar value chain or allow your biomass to be wasted.

Environmental Benefits of Operating the Ulysses Slow Pyrolysis System Over a Year

Biomass Diverted (tonnes/yr)

Biochar Offsets (tonnes/yr)

Carbon Sequestered From Tree Seedlings

Carbon Sequestered From Barrels of Oil

*Numbers will vary based on feedstock, end use for char, and operating parameters for Ulysses.

Acceptance of a wide variety of feedstock through our unique drag-chain conveyer design.

Past initial startup, the process is entirely closed loop and does not require any input energy making the Ulysses self sustaining giving it a minimal environmental footprint.

The Benefits Are Clear

Economic Benefits

Social Benefits

Environmental Benefits