IRSI would like to thank the Alberta CARE organization for the opportunity to present at their conference in Lethbridge, Alberta on February 25th of last week. The conference was informative and allowed for a terrific setting for networking and discussions around recycling programs throughout Alberta. Alberta CARE has a large number of members including; municipalities, consultants, industry members, aboriginal groups, and vendors. IRSI is proud to be involved with Alberta CARE and believes that their goals of coordinating community level recycling programs, facilitating the establishment of partnerships for the implementation of recycling and waste management strategies, promoting recycling as part of the day-to-day lifestyle of Albertans, and promoting awareness of new recycling initiatives are fundamental to the successful revamping of the waste management industry and practices in Alberta.

IRSI is excited to continue involvement with Alberta Care and looks forward to incorporating the Ulysses system into new and burgeoning waste management practices and initiatives! For more information please visit the Alberta CARE website attached below.