Sustainable Waste Management Through Integrated Technological Solutions

IRSI is a pioneer in volume reduction and biochar production.

Our unique technology can be fully customized to your needs, ensuring that the Ulysses unit is perfectly made for your company. Whether your focus is on reducing tipping fees, generating power, or creating biochar, IRSI will be fully committed to your company from the initial design through to the operation of your new pyrolysis unit.

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Putting our most precious resources first.

A New Vision

IRSI has developed a method to reduce the volume of waste, increase cost savings, and take care of the earth with our Ulysses pyrolysis machine.

Cost Savings Solutions

Waste material volume reduction can reduce costs to companies both handling waste materials and in the waste management industry.

A Better Environment

Proven to significantly reduce emissions, permanently sequester carbon, and alleviate various problems associated with landfills.

Ulysses. The Next Stage in Pyrolysis

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